93 Photos from 1st Annual California Native And Drought Tolerant Plant Self Guided Garden Tour – Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council

Scenes from the 1st Annual California Native And Drought Tolerant Plant Self Guided Garden Tour

Sherman Oaks Garden Tour 2018  51

Sherman Oaks Garden Tour 2018 Sherman Oaks Garden Tour 2018  26

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10 drought-tolerant gardens were highlighted throughout Sherman Oaks on this 3 hour, self-guided garden tour sponsored by the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council. 

Residents and designers were on-hand at each stop to answer questions about the design and maintenance of these gardens for those who might want to try it themselves. A variety of garden types was shown including low maintenance gardens and a complete bio-sustainable garden including koi fish aquaponics systems, chickens and a variety of food and fruit production. There was something for everyone on the tour.

Photos provided by Sherman Oaks resident Douglas E. Welch of A Gardener’s Notebook

Sherman Oaks neighborhood Council

1st annual California native and drought tolerant plant self guided garden tour

October 21, 2018 noon to 3 PM

  • Receive complimentary DWP lawn rebate information and materials
  • Learn various ways to conserve water and save money
  • Discuss ideas and resources on how to make your landscape “water wise“
  • Tour participants will be available to answer your questions

Meet at 13843 Milbank St., Sherman Oaks to begin the tour and receive a list of participating homes and water wise Gardens

View of Proposed Area for Sherman Oaks Community Garden

Here are 2 photos showing the proposed area for the new Sherman Oaks Community Garden. This should give readers a better idea of where we hope to locate the garden  in relation to its current surroundings.

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Cgso map 1 Cgso map 2

Cgso map 3 Cgso map 4

Cgso map 5

An interactive Google Map – Zoom in and out