The Community Garden Sherman Oaks

A proposed Community Garden Adjacent to the Sherman Oaks East Valley Adult Center

The Sherman Oaks community with support from the Neighborhood is proposing a project to establish a community garden at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks War Memorial Park, adjacent to the Sherman Oaks-East Valley Adult Center on Van Nuys Boulevard.  A portion of the garden plots would be reserved for seniors as a communal garden where they can raise vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  The remainder of the plots would be open for rent by members of the community.

The San Fernando Valley is home to many senior citizens and others who live in multi-family housing and do not have access to gardening opportunities at their homes.  Also, many seniors, due to financial hardship, cannot afford to buy fresh produce to keep them healthy and productive.

Project Description

The proposed gardens would be located south of the shuffleboard area next to the Adult Center and would cover a 100 x 100-foot area.  The project will include a variety of planting beds and will be setup to enable seniors and others to work in the garden.  A portion of the vegetables and herbs produced by the gardens will be donated to senior center or other community non-profits.

Ground View Render

What is the current status of the project?

The planning for the project is in the initial stages.  A conceptual design is shown above and we are in the process of coordinating with any city agencies and project partners on the next steps.

The proposed project involves six steps:

  1. Getting permissions and permits to establish the garden.
  2. Creating an Organizing Committee with the assistance of the Los Angeles Community Garden Council to develop and ultimately manage the Senior Garden.
  3. Fund-raising for the costs of creating and maintaining the Garden.
  4. Design the Garden and the fence, along with the proper systems for watering.
  5. Construction of the Garden.
  6. Operation and maintenance of the project by the oversight committee.

How will the community be involved?

Volunteers will be involved in the building, planting, and management of the Garden.  Outreach will be conducted among residents in the area surrounding the park to solicit volunteers and members for the Organizing Committee.  The plan is for the Garden to be a community space for local residents to be able to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits for their own needs and for donation to senior organizations.   The plan also includes hosting presentations to teach local residents about planting process, workshops on teaching planting, maintenance, and water conservation, and tours to promote green space and community activities.